Meeting Maureen Wright- Award Winning Children’s Author!


Last month, my daughter’s school hosted the award-winning children’s author Maureen Wright!

She was there to speak to the kids about the process of writing a book, from “thinking it up while doing laundry” through the “long process of editing”. She also shared her story of not giving up when so many publishers turned her down. It was such a a great message, and she presented it in a way that kindergarteners could really understand. Maureen Wright even had small activities throughout to keep the younger kiddos engaged. As you would expect from a children’s author- she’s completely kid friendly.

She also read her current publications (props included!) to the kids-Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze!, Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep! (winner of Nickjr’s 10 Best Kids Books 2009), Sneezy the Snowman(we don’t have this one yet, but I’d like to get it soon) and her newest book: Earth Day, Birthday!(also my personal favorite).

I was so excited to meet her in person. My daughter is a HUGE fan of Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze! and Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep! already, so we’ve been anxiously awaiting the publishing of Earth Day, Birthday!. At the time- Earth Day, Birthday hadn’t been released yet (it’s available now and you can order it here- Earth Day, Birthday!) so we got a sneak peek at the book. It was fantastic! We were all rolling in our seats! It’s a great story about a silly little monkey who is trying to tell all his friends that it’s not Earth Day, it’s his birthday while giving tips for helping the Earth! It’s a great book to introduce little ones to Earth Day, without overwhelming them.

Also while visiting, she took time to sign all the books the children brought or bought (that she wrote). It was such a great and personal touch to a wonderful afternoon.

If you ever have a chance to meet her, or read one of her books, I HIGHLY recommend it. Her books are fantastic rhyming and picture books that are easy for entry level readers. I love reading them not only to my daughter, but also to my students.

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