Ragu Asks: What do you do to get your kids to eat well? Plus Giveaway!-CLOSED


The new “Ragu Asks” campaign has officially launched- and it’s hilarious (because it’s true!)! It really hits close to home this time.

What crazy, nutty, outlandish, ridiculous things do you do to get your child to eat?

Confession time- I’ve bribed my daughter with toys, vacations, smothering everything in cheese, play dates and even shopping sprees.

Lately, her biggest thing is coming to the table “dressed to impress”. Like last night- she was a Fairy. A Fairy from the garden, named “Harmony”.

So, meet “Harmony”, formerly known as M:

And tonight, for dinner AND her school open house (I made her yank it down when the principal was in vicinity)- she was “Skelly”:

(note- this is an older photo, but the exact outfit she wore tonight- with shoes of course)

Ragu has their take on the whole subject with their first video- the first of many to be featured on their Facebook Page so be sure to check them out!!

(WARNING: This video is too funny! Make sure you watch it- and share it to make someone else’s day!)

So, now for that giveaway I mentioned!

You can win a $50 American Express Gift Card!

Ways to enter:

MANDATORY ENTRY: Comment below, telling me what crazy thing you’ve done to get your kiddo(s) to eat!

For additional entries, do any of the following below (each entry listed below is worth 2, so make sure you leave individual comments!)

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This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and up! Giveaway will end on Thursday, March 15th at 10:00am EST. Winner will have 24 hours to respond. Good luck, and thanks for being a Domestic Debacle reader!

This giveaway was provided as part of the Moms the Word on Dinner ambassador program. I received no compensation for it.


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