Oh, Pneumonia Didn’t!


Dear 2012, can we have a do-over? I CALL UNCLE!!

I know, posting around here has been sketchy. But, I’ve got a good excuse (or two). As you can guess, I caught the 2012 plague- otherwise known as pneumonia. And it’s kicked my behind. Big time.

I’ve been down for about three weeks with minimal movement (my husband and doctor both threatened that if I didn’t rest- I’d find myself strapped to my own hospital bed).

Thank goodness I have the BEST husband ever who has taken off time from work to literally take over my mommy duties- in addition to his providing for the family. My house is abnormally clean.

This is when I ask for everyone to stand and clap for him! It’s great to have a partner who picks up the slack in a serious way.

My only complaint? He likes to go to Kroger. A lot. Not that I can blame him. Our Kroger is a happenin’ place. The only thing is- he likes to buy $12 pickles. Let me spell it out for you… THAT’S TWELVE DOLLAR PICKLES. And I won’t ever let him live it down. 😉 If you’re interested in buying $12 pickles (which he insists are delicious) you can head here to McClure’s website.

But now that I’m doing (somewhat) better, M has come down with a nas-tay case of strep throat. She’s been out of school for 4 days (2 over the weekend for a grand-total of 6 days- hold me) at home. In our house. With just me to entertain her.

But I literally won the “worst mother of the year” award for this one. She had a fever on Thursday, and somehow I convinced myself that it was merely a virus.

Except her 101.3 temperature went into the weekend.

So on Monday, J and I take her to the doctor (again, the man’s a saint for taking off work to take care of us) who looks right at our child and declares the exact opposite of my initial diagnosis- ’cause you know I’m a doctor and all ::snort::.

She has strep. And it’s pretty bad. She sticks out her tongue and it’s all sorts of red bumps, white coating and all around grossness. The worst part is that she’s allergic to most antibiotics, so we pretty much have to roll the dice as to what’s going to work.

Needless to say, we all haven’t gotten much sleep around here. I think the general feeling around here can compare to our rotting friends on the Walking Dead.


This post was in no-way sponsored by anyone. Although I wish it were, I’m spending a fortune on antibiotics and doctors’ bills (and pickles- don’t forget the pickles)!

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