My 6 year-old daughter thinks she’s a rapper.

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Tonight we were sitting in our driveway, waiting for Dad to change his clothes so we could go out to dinner after work. I noticed one of her hair-bows was missing. Specifically, the green one. So I asked her where it was.

This is the answer I received:

I *might* have peed my pants. Just a bit.


Udi’s Gluten Free Foods Review

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Recently, I was chosen to review a big ‘ol box of Udi’s Gluten Free Foods!

It came with:

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Shoplet.com Avery Product Review

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Recently, I was given the opportunity to review Avery’s EZD Heavy-Duty Reference View Binder, Avery Custom Spine Inserts and Avery Note Tabs thanks to Shoplet.com!

Shoplet.com is an awesome location on the internets to find all your essential office supplies- and get them shipped right to your door!

First up:

Avery Heavy Duty Ring Reference Binder:

An awesome (and HUGE) binder that can store almost anything! I love how …Continue Reading…


Wordless Wednesday: Craft Night with Daddy!

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Kiddie Leashes- one hot topic.

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Photo: The Eddie Bauer Child Harness Buddy from Target

I’m a member of a forum that covers travel. Specifically Disney travel.

Recently, the topic of “kiddie leashes” came up. I knew the moment I read it, there would be differences of opinions.

I’ll be honest- I used to be 100% dead-set against leashes for children. I really thought it was the lazy-parent route. I had a daughter who never needed one, so I thought I could judge. …Continue Reading…