Wisdom Teeth Update: I’m not dead.


As you can tell, I did NOT die getting my wisdom teeth removed.

Even though I thought I was going to.

The extraction went well, but I did get a dry socket.

I used to think I was tough.

I used to think I had a high pain tolerance.

I. Was. So so so WRONG.

I’ve had my appendix out.

I’ve given birth.

I’d rather do both of those things 10x’s over than get my wisdom teeth out. It really hurts that bad.

I’m at the point now where I’m thinking it wasn’t remotely worth it.

With the pain, I’ve still got a bit of paralysis on the left side of my face. It makes it hard to smile which is a bummer in itself. Not to mention the fact that at my first “outing” to Kroger I found myself drooling (oh yeah, I’m sexy and I know it).

My wonderful husband has done such a great job taking care of me. He took off the first week, and when my dry socket decided to show itself, he took the afternoon off to make sure I was pampered. I’m so lucky to have someone in my life who cares 100% about me, and will drop everything (even when he has a high pressure job that needs him quite a bit) for his family.

M has had a rough go of it though. Poor kiddo. She’s so used to climbing all over me like a jungle gym, and snuggling whenever. But right now I have to protect my face from getting hit, and she really misses our “us” time. Unfortunately, this has led to some major acting out on her part. We’re working on it, and keep reminding her that this is only temporary.

So here I am 10 days post-op (hair untreated and NO makeup on- I really do love you guys):

The swelling has gone down QUITE a bit and the color has returned to my lips (they were purple that first week- it actually looked kinda cool).

I have my follow up the day after tomorrow, so I’ll update as soon as I know something.


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