Ragu: Dad’s the word on dinner in my kitchen.


I think that Smokey the Bear once said something like:

“Only you can prevent controversy.”




Okay, not really.

But he totally should have.

If you’ve been on Twitter or Facebook or a few good mommy blogs lately, you might have noticed a little uproar about Ragu Sauce and dads. Some people (mostly dads) found issue with this video:

There are a few blogging dads out there, who are VERY upset about it.

It’s been called sexist.

It’s been called hateful.

It’s been called ignorant.

And frankly, I don’t think those dads actually watched one second of it.

I couldn’t find one thing to quote, that was remotely derogatory. I’m known for being “Penny Pessimistic”, and honestly thought I was off my game. But I’ve chatted with a few others, that assure me that it isn’t so. I’m just as negative as ever!

So… I made my own video in response.

Yes, I made this in a hurry. One take. I know, I make faces and say/said “um” a few too many times.


If you can get past that, I’d love to hear what you think about Ragu and dads. As long as you keep it clean and civil.I want there to be an open dialogue. Ragu wants there to be an open dialogue. Not one person meant for it to be offensive. They encourage all brand ambassadors to talk, and have open communication. All opinions truly are valued with Ragu. And I can say that from experience.

FULL Disclosure: I am an ambassador for Ragu’s “Mom’s the Word on Dinner” and this is (kinda- as I wasn’t asked to write it- but I AM a brand ambassador) a sponsored post. As usual: all thoughts, opinions, nonsense and sarcasm are 100% my own! And as a side note, nothing is scripted. Not that I would assume you’d think that anyways.

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