Cottonelle and Kroger: Giving Hope a Hand ($50 Kroger GC giveaway)


Think of your bathroom and how every item has a place – a holder for your toothbrush, a dish for your soap, containers for your makeup (or in my case drawers full). Most people take great care in making sure bathroom essentials are put away in a place of their own, except when it comes to toilet paper. I’m so guilty of just tossing the rolls, still in the grocery bag, underneath the sink. I never really think of organizing them, let alone making them look nice.

Now, to help people care for their toilet paper like never before, the Cottonelle brand is introducing new designer roll covers to put the spotlight on its most care-worthy toilet paper ever: Cottonelle Clean Care. Gone are the days of stuffing toilet paper rolls under your sink or stuffed into the bathroom corner stacked like the leaning tower of Pisa (’cause, you know, I’d NEVER do that).

Roll covers let people organize and display their toilet paper like never before, and these aint your mama’s crochet roll covers!

The Cottonelle brand is excited to bring forth a fresh modern take on a bathroom classic teaming up with another great company (Kroger) to do it for a great cause.

This October, the Cottonelle brand is asking people to care for their community by supporting an important cause- breast cancer awareness.

The Cottonelle brand is teaming up with Kroger to show support and raise breast cancer awareness through the Giving Hope a Hand® initiative.

Through Giving Hope a Hand®, Cottonelle brand and additional partner companies will assist Kroger in raising $3 million for breast cancer awareness, treatment and research in the communities we share.

In an effort to raise breast cancer awareness this October, the Cottonelle brand will be offering pink toilet paper roll covers for a limited time. It’s so pretty, and is a great way to show your support.

From September 25-October 8, visit Kroger to purchase specially marked packages of Cottonelle Clean Care, our most care-worthy toilet paper yet, and receive a printout (hello, Catalina!) with instructions on how to redeem a free pink toilet paper roll cover.

Or you could head to Cottonelle’s Facebook page to win one! It’s a fun little game of “Shuffle the Roll”.

Please help us spread the word about this great program!

Kroger and Cottonelle have graciously offered one of my readers a $50 Kroger Gift Card.

All you have to do is:

  • Share on Facebook about this post. This can be on a personal page or Fan Page. I want to get the word out about this great program, and would love for you to help us. You may leave one comment/entry per day as long as you post once a day. Make sure you like and tag Domestic Debacle, Cottonelle and Kroger’s Facebook Pages in your post as well.
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This giveaway will end on Friday, October 7th at 10:00am. Thanks for being a Domestic Debacle reader, and good luck!

 *Disclosure: Information and product(s) to facilitate this post was provided to me by Cottonelle.
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