Barbie goes to Charm School!


“Please, thank you, excuse me and may I.”  Are all basic manners, courtesy and etiquette that most parents strive to incorporate into our children’s everyday life. It gives them such a great foundation of not only respect for others, but also for themselves.

I’m constantly trying to teach my daughter the important lesson that not only is being courteous appropriate, but it’s also recognized and appreciated by others.

I am so excited to share with you that Barbie is releasing the new Barbie Charm School DvD this week!

At Charm School, Blair (played by the fabulous Barbie), along with her new friends Princesses Delancy and Hadley, they will learn the proper dances, tea party and table manners etiquette and of course, proper princess manners all while in an adventurous journey of self-discovery!

To celebrate the release, my daughter was given a Barbie Charm School celebration kit to share with friends.

We all went to a local park to practice our charm school skills (in tiaras of course!)  and enjoy some cookies, juice and napkin folding!
We went over the place setting place mat, the Princess In Training Checklist and award stickers as we went along. Then the little ladies were given thank you cards to practice their writings of gratitude.The Queens and Kings were also provided with a check list that they could also use at their royal tables at home.

Honestly, I can’t be more happy that Barbie has come out with this DvD. For her to have been an astronaut, the president and even a nurse, it’s refreshing to see the brand go in this direction when I feel it’s truly needed.

The Barbie dolls in the line are also adorable. My daughter loves them, and I’ve already picked up a few for birthday events throughout the year (they’re very reasonably priced).

You can also celebrate at home by visiting the Barbie Charm School website!


*Disclosure: Special thanks to One2One Network for providing the Barbie Charm School gift pack so I could host the party to facilitate my review. Love them!
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