Ragu: Dad’s the word on dinner in my kitchen.

I think that Smokey the Bear once said something like:

“Only you can prevent controversy.”




Okay, not really.

But he totally should have. …Continue Reading…


Cottonelle and Kroger: Giving Hope a Hand ($50 Kroger GC giveaway)

Think of your bathroom and how every item has a place – a holder for your toothbrush, a dish for your soap, containers for your makeup (or in my case drawers full). Most people take great care in making sure bathroom essentials are put away in a place of their own, except when it comes to toilet paper. I’m so guilty of just tossing the rolls, still in the grocery bag, underneath the sink. I never really think of organizing them, let alone making them look nice.

Now, to help people care for their toilet paper like never before, the Cottonelle brand is introducing new designer roll covers to put the spotlight on its most care-worthy toilet paper ever: Cottonelle Clean Care. Gone are the days of stuffing toilet paper rolls under your sink or stuffed into the bathroom corner stacked like the leaning tower of Pisa (’cause, you know, I’d NEVER do that). …Continue Reading…


Barbie goes to Charm School!

“Please, thank you, excuse me and may I.”  Are all basic manners, courtesy and etiquette that most parents strive to incorporate into our children’s everyday life. It gives them such a great foundation of not only respect for others, but also for themselves.

I’m constantly trying to teach my daughter the important lesson that not only is being courteous appropriate, but it’s also recognized and appreciated by others.

I am so excited to share with you that Barbie is releasing the new Barbie Charm School DvD this week!

At Charm School, Blair (played by the fabulous Barbie), along …Continue Reading…


Disney is back!

I am so pleased to share with you something that I’ve been wanting to say for announce for some time now:


And it’s right here, in Southwest Ohio at Kenwood Mall!

Yes, I cried. Yes, I was speechless. And yes, I totally took my kid out of school to experience it’s opening!

It’s the newest concept for the Disney Store, and a complete destination within itself. I was completely blown away with the level of detail and magic put into every corner. It truly goes above and beyond what I have come to normally expect from Disney.

And that says a lot.

It’s got it’s own castle, …Continue Reading…