Sprite- Bringing the Spark back to neighborhoods (Giveaway too!)


In my neighborhood, budget cuts for schools continue, playgrounds and sports programs are the first to disappear (or leave the parents paying most if not all fees, limiting who can and cannot play) leaving students with limited space to let their imaginations run wild and put simply, to play!

Because of this issue Sprite created the Sprite Spark Parks Project– Sprite’s multi-year commitment to bringing a ‘spark’ to school spaces within communities across the country. Yours, mine or anyone else.

This year alone, Sprite will invest $2 million and their time to construct, refurbish and renew more than 150 neighborhood parks, athletic fields, playgrounds and basketball courts. Their goal is to give young people a chance to be active, inspire their imagination and create clean, safe and creative places to play for years to come. So many places in our area especially need help. What areas in yours need it most?

The wonderful program is open to My Coke Rewards members who can enter for a chance to have their local school playground or athletic field refurbished. To submit your school, head to the My Coke Rewards for Schools Program and enter the point codes found on all Sprite and Sprite Zero products.  If you are not yet a My Coke Rewards member, simply log on to www.mycokerewards.com and follow the prompts for new member registration- it’s super easy and very user friendly (there is a TON of other fun stuff on My Coke Rewards too, so make sure you stay awhile and check it out).

So to help spread the word, Sprite has generously provided a ‘Playground Prize Pack’ to giveaway to one lucky reader . Each prize pack is valued at approximately $100 and consists of:

* Sprite Spark Parks Pen
* Sprite Spark Parks Backpack
* Sprite Coupon
* Medibuddy First Aid Kit
* Hand Sanitizer Wipes
* Green Jumprope
* Sizzlin’ Cool Sling Racket or Baseball Glove set
* Crayola 3-D Chalk Set
* Everything Kids Travel Activity Book
* Tootle Turtle Bubble Set
* $25Amex Giftcard

To enter, you have several opportunities, just make sure you leave each entry in separate comments.

  • Leave in the comments below, telling me what cuts your schools have had to make.
  • Share on Facebook about this post. This can be on a personal page or Fan Page. We want to get the word out about this great program, and would love for you to help us. You may leave one comment/entry per day as long as you post once a day. Make sure you like and tagDomestic Debacle and Sprite’s Facebook Pages in your post as well.
  • Tweet about this program on Twitter. You can copy this post “@Sprite Spark Parks Project could come to your town & you could win a great prize pack from @DomesticDebacle http://tinyurl.com/3bfhm7q” or you could create your own, just be sure to include both @Sprite and @DomesticDebacle. You may Tweet this once a day, but you must link to your tweet in your comment. If you do not, your entry will be deleted.
  • Post about this giveaway on your blog. Share with your readers the great opportunity they have by sharing about their community with Sprite, linking back to this post.

This giveaway will end on Friday, August 12th at 10:00am. Good luck, I’m so excited for the winner because my daughter LOVES this prize pack!


The prize was provided by Sprite (one was also provided to myself as well), but Sprite is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of Sprite or The Coca-Cola Company. Entrants must be 18 or older and located in the US or Canada only. Winner to be chosen at random.
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