Wordless Wednesday- drumsticks to match the outfit


Okay, so it’s not *exactly* a Wordless Wednesday, but I had to write something about these drumsticks. I know that most of my readers know that my daughter has been drumming since October of last year. About 2 weeks ago, her drum teacher came to me with an update on her progress.

My 5 year-old little girl, who isn’t even in Kindergarten yet is reading music and playing drums on a 7th grade level.

::jaw dropped to the floor::

Turns out she has some talent.

Good thing I let her take the lessons when she wanted to.

She can play The Beatles “Yellow Submarine”, Joan Jett & The Black Hearts “I Love Rock and Roll” and Maroon 5 “She Will Be Loved”.

So, as a reward I bought her a pair of Hot Sticks Drumsticks. They’re hot pink with black tips! It’s her favorite pair (and you can really tell now because they’re all sorts of torn up).

They’re my favorite pair because they’re made right here, in the USA.

But the best part of all this?

We took a private tour of her new conservative Catholic school (’cause you and I both know my kid is going to need all the discipline she can get), with the principal.

She asked the divine Miss M what she wanted to be when she grows up.

M’s reply?

“The drummer for KISS”

I think I took the rest of the half hour trying to convince the principal that I really *am* a good mom.


I am.

Thank the Lord I’m deaf-

and for Hot Sticks Drumsticks that come in colors that match her outfits.

Because if she’s not in ballet wearing a tutu, I can at least coordinate her sticks with her ripped up jeans and leather jackets. heh.

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