Retro Mama Customs Review & Personal Design Session Giveaway!


Recently I had the chance to review a Retro Mama Custom hand-stamped necklace.

Notice I said *chance*.

My daughter (5) decided it was the perfect necklace for her- and that’s where it’s been ever since!

Isn’t that dainty tiara just adorable?

I actually wish I would have just paid for an extra one, so I could have one to wear too (Please take this as advice. If you order one as a gift, just make it two. If not, you’ll be sorry later!)!

We (heh) received the “Lexi” necklace which is a beautiful hand stamped disk with a name or saying on it, with your choice of icon and a swarovski crystal. I ordered the 18″ necklace which is the perfect length for me for my daughter!

Each design is made just for you, by Courtney of Retro Mama Customs. She’s a local mom and business owner right here in the USA! She also specializes in portrait handcrafted personalized jewelery and accessories that are absolutely stunning.

Your unique piece is also protected by a micro-thin coating of renaissance wax, which helps protect against tarnish and scratches (it’s the same stuff museums use, so you know she’s all about quality).Plus, it comes with a professional polishing pad to remove any tarnish if/when necessary. The pad can be used until it’s totally black, and if you need to order more for your other jewelery you can!

I’m really happy with the Retro Mama Custom necklace, and in my opinion it’s certainly an heirloom piece. You can tell that her attention to detail is second to none, even when it comes to the chain- that has a lobster-claw closure.

The necklace is super classy, and my daughter has gotten a ton of compliments on it!

So would you like to win your very own personal design session, 50% off your custom design AND free shipping?

All you have to do is (one or all of the following, just make sure to leave your entries in separate comments):

This giveaway will end on Wednesday, July 20th at 10:00am! Good luck!


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