Ragu Mom’s the Word on Dinner!Manners- who, what, where and when.

I am so excited to announce that I’m officially the new brand ambassador for Ragu’s Mom’s the Word on Dinner campaign!


This is so exciting for my family and I  because:

1) Ragu is “yummy deliciousness”. Direct quote from my 5 year-old.

2) They understand and appreciate the importance of a mother’s influence and care about giving us …Continue Reading…


Sprite- Bringing the Spark back to neighborhoods (Giveaway too!)

In my neighborhood, budget cuts for schools continue, playgrounds and sports programs are the first to disappear (or leave the parents paying most if not all fees, limiting who can and cannot play) leaving students with limited space to let their imaginations run wild and put simply, to play!

Because of this issue Sprite created the Sprite Spark Parks Project– Sprite’s multi-year commitment to bringing a ‘spark’ to school spaces within communities across the country. Yours, mine or anyone else.

This year alone, Sprite will invest $2 million and their time to construct, refurbish and renew more than …Continue Reading…


Parenting struggles with a strong-willed child.

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I don’t know what has gotten into my 5 year-old lately. She seems like a different person.

Within the past 3-4 weeks, she’s been throwing some MAJOR temper tantrums over little things.

Like today, she knows that she’s not allowed to jump on beds.

Needless to say that when I got out of the shower this morning, I caught her jumping on my bed.I asked her if she knew she wasn’t supposed to do it. Her answer was “Yes. I know I’m not to.”

Um, okay. …Continue Reading…


A day to never forget.

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You know when you have those moments, those family moments that you know that you will never forget?

Today was one of them. This morning, I looked at my husband and said, “let’s go to Columbus”. And not the “We’ll be there in an hour.” Columbus, but the “In the car for 2 hours- OMG are we there yet?” Columbus.

I was pleasantly surprised when my husband said that it was a great idea, and in less than a half an hour we were on the road. In that half hour we all had breakfast, coffee and took showers. Even M. Needless to …Continue Reading…


Wordless Wednesday- drumsticks to match the outfit

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Okay, so it’s not *exactly* a Wordless Wednesday, but I had to write something about these drumsticks. I know that most of my readers know that my daughter has been drumming since October of last year. About 2 weeks ago, her drum teacher came to me with an update on her progress. …Continue Reading…