Their obsession continues; but for me, the abuse ends now.


My biological mother has resorted to not only stalking me on the internet, but now also in person.

She’s commented about my daughter being with me while she “sees me” in public places as well.

Anyone on speaking terms with my parents will be permanently removed from my personal Facebook page. If you’re already removed and here to find out what’s going on, here’s your answer.

A 57 year-old woman and 56 year-old man shouldn’t do this. What they are doing is morally wrong and unfortunately, because they do it in a public place, it’s legal (for now).

Those of you supporting them and feeding them information about my personal life need

to stop.

My child’s safety is at risk. I am worried about my family. Because of actions in the past, I feel like they could get violent.

I know some of you might not agree with what I’ve said about my mother on my blog. I respect that. I don’t expect everyone to believe me. My biological parents are extremely manipulative and didn’t show their true “colors” to everyone.

Even those of you that say her blog isn’t entirely about me- that’s true. But over 70% is. Last July (2010) alone, 21 out of 24 posts were about my mother’s sick obsession with me (they have since been removed- but I don’t believe for a second that this diminishes their guilt). I have not seen this woman in 10 years and she continues to post almost on a regular basis about my life with information she gets from people, my blog, Twitter stream, Facebook Timeline or stalking me in public.

But the bottom line is, you don’t know what happened behind closed doors and none of you are in a position to judge my character. I have said what I believe is my experience and the truth. That is my right.

Let God be my judge.

It is not their right to intimidate me, my family or anyone I am associated with. That includes blog readers (yes, they’ve gone so far as to contact readers and sponsors of my blog-which is illegal, and if they do it again, I will take legal action) friends and even neutral family members.

I have said and emailed to my parents more times than I can count that I want them to leave me alone. Leave me out of their mind games, but they refuse.

They are operating in a way that might be legal for the time being, but my family, friends and I find it very disturbing and very scary.

I am in fear that these people will do something to harm me or my family members. Please, take this blog as a warning:

IF anything ever happens to me- I guarantee that my parents are behind it.

All I ask is that I be left alone. For them to act like I no longer exist to them.

I know that I cannot control their actions. But I know I can control mine.

I will no longer tolerate relationships that condone my parent’s actions from this point on. You don’t have to agree with what I’ve said in the past, but know that stalking me and my family in person and online is insane and dangerous.

It’s time for me to move on and remove myself completely from their hate.

I won’t be checking their blog. I won’t ask about them.

This ends NOW for me.
My lawyer and local police department have taken over the task of watching them- closely.

They do nothing but scare me with their obsession and public observations- and even their subtle references online in regards to myself or my family.
Please respect my wishes. I am truly scared of these people. They really don’t stop their abuse- and I’ve never once deserved any of it.

Thank you.

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