World’s Greatest TV Dad


“World’s Greatest TV Dad” a super-fun contest hosted on ManOfTheHouse.com.

In my opinion, some of the traits that make up a great dad are:

  • Being able to take time for yourself. Sometimes, a father needs to know when he needs a break, and isn’t afraid to ask for it.
  • Knowing that laughter will break any silence.
  • Compromise. Knowing things might not always fit into plan and they can just “go with the flow”
  • Being a role model for his children: not only in his daily life, but also a spirital life.

I’m so fortunate that my husband has all of these traits. He knows that being a great parent is with God first, his marriage second and family third.

He knows how to balance all three while totally under pressure, and handles it gracefully.
He might be big kid at heart, but knows when it’s time to put on the “serious face”.

So many people actually get some of their parenting styles from TV- I’d have to say that my favorite TV dad of all time was Gerald McRaney of Major Dad. He was such a great father figure who got respect, but knew how to laugh and love at the same time.

Since my choice is out of the running (booooo!), I’m throwing my current vote to Charles Ingalls, because what little girl didn’t love him? And he was an amazing person in real life too.

Make sure you head to “World’s Greatest TV Dad” site and choose your favorite TV Dad out of the contestants!

Let me know who you’re voting for- I’d love to hear why!

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