5 Fabulous Bloggers.


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So most of you that read Domestic Debacle, like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter know who I love to read on a regular basis. In this post, I’ll go more into detail as to why I follow my top 5.

In no particular order, I read:

  • Mommy Confessions: Headed up by one of my closest friends Andrea (mom of 4) and her co-pilot Kandi (mom of 3). Both are unapologetically honest and appreciate their readers feedback. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two bloggers so supportive of each other when it comes to the stories they share. Not only are they interactive, but they also offer some great parenting advice. Since Andrea is one of my closest friends, I have insight into her daily life but love reading it.
  • Savings Lifestyle: FKA Mommy Snacks– another Andrea! One of the most beautiful women (inside and out) that I know. I value her friendship, savings knowledge and wisdom. She’s truly a woman of God that you can relate to and learn something from. She’s also one of the most loyal friends I’ve ever encountered and is most generous.
  • Random Becky: Another good friend and all around good person. She’s the best prayer warrior I have and will tell you “like it is”. She’s a breath of fresh air, and I love how honest she is not only in person, but also on her blog. She’s always discovering new things, very generous and is more than willing to share with her friends and her readers. When you read her blog, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I like to refer to her as the “calm to my storm”.
  • Family Musings: Jennifer (mom of 2 beautiful little girls) is an incredible person. While I haven’t been blessed to meet her in person (as of yet) was one of the first blogs I’ve ever read. She’s shared so many journeys on her blog, and I’ve enjoyed every single one of them. Whether it’s spiritual, parenting advice, crafts, beauty tips or recipes that you’re looking for- she’s got it.
  • Queen of Free: My friend Cherie is one royal I don’t get to see nearly enough. I love her stories that she shares of her family saving money and becoming debt free. She’s inspiring and supportive without the “I’m better than you attitude”. She also shares this knowledge with her readers and is engaged with her community. Her kindness has no limit and I am grateful to even know her.

I encourage you to share with me by either writing a post, or commenting below with your must read fabulous blogs and why you love them. This is something that is near and dear to my heart, because the blogging community needs more supportive posts that get press!


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