A really, really rough weekend. And a warning to thieves.


This past weekend was my 8th anniversary of being married to my wonderful husband.

However, we didn’t get to celebrate (at least until Monday).

Our daughter, was very sick (from both ends) with a fever. It got so bad at one point, the pediatrician sent us into the hospital.

Everything turned out fine, the kiddo got better and we were sent home.

Only to find that my daughter’s favorite dolphin camp chair was stolen, right off our front porch.

I mean, who does that? Who comes onto someone’s front porch, and just take a child’s chair?

It’s her favorite chair, so I haven’t told her yet. I’m hoping to try to find one that’s similar to what she had (I highly doubt I’ll find the same one I bought years ago at JC Penney).

Wish me luck that I find something before she notices.

But a warning to those jerks: If I ever find out who stole my kid’s chair, I will cut you.

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