How are you going to pay for that “big want”?


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In my end-of-year post, I mentioned that I took over our family finances in early 2010.

I also mentioned that it was a real eye-opener, and somewhat of a wake-up call.

That, was putting it lightly.

Every year, my family and I write a “wish-list” of big items we would like to purchase or do. 2011’s list has been made, and has grown (and grown, and grown…).Keep in mind, anything that makes this list MUST be paid with CASH ONLY. That’s right folks: COLD. HARD. CASH. Plastic need not apply.

At the top of our list is our final blow-out Disney trip for the next few years. With all the construction and M beginning Kindergarten, we know that Disney just won’t be in the cards for us (during September as normal) the way that we normally do it. So this year’s trip is top-dollar deluxe. I’ve budgeted, scrimped and saved all my pennies for this trip! It’s taking the biggest chunk out of our budget this year, but totally worth it in our opinion to have an amazing vacation memory. Besides, how can you resist this face when she steps into the Magic Kingdom to meet her Fairy Godmother?

I know I can’t.

So while we have this trip in our financial que, M’s also getting a set of drums delivered early next month.

These beauties will be taking up 25% of my living room:

She’s been playing since October, and has done so well that her drum instructor thought she needed a professional set. As you expected, my jaw dropped to the floor.

We purchased the low-end of professional sets, the Pearl Drums Vision series. While I say it’s the low-end, the price isn’t (in my frugal opinion). That was another big purchase crossed off the list at $1200. I know, you’re thinking I’m an idiot to buy a set of drums that expensive for a 5 year-old. But I won’t have to upgrade for years, and Pearl Drums really hold their value (much like a Honda).

Both of these purchases really set me back for a new living room set (and I’m not even mentioning J’s new guitar) until…

We did our taxes using Turbo Tax!

Normally, we get pennies back from our tax return. But, oh no. Not this time baby!

Thank you IRS for the HSA deductions*!

*This is the time during my post that I’m totally fist pumping!

Our tax return (that we did through Turbo Tax, which was in our bank account electronically within a week!!) was the exact amount I needed to buy my new living room set!

So not only am I saving monthly, but because of our tax return through Turbo Tax, I’m able to cross off every big purchase off my list (except for one, that perfect new mattress keeps eluding us).

So as you could probably tell, I am the perfect person to be singing Turbo Tax’s praises. We use them every year, and this year, got a HUGE bonus from them!

I would love to hear from YOU! Have you done your taxes yet? What’s on your list for big purchases or must-dos’ this year?

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