The night that the lights went out in Ohio


One thing that’s all over the news this morning (that is, if you have power to get the news) is this nasty wintry storm that’s hit the heart land.

And boy, has it.

It was a whopping 20 degrees here last night- when the power decided to give out on us.

Everything was cold. Cold air. Cold Snow. Cold ice. Cold noses. Cold toes…

And honestly, that list could go on for ages.

Even my patio door is completely frozen shut.

Here’s what my front walk-way looked like with the ice storm- even AFTER we salted:

See? The ice is out to get us. Old man winter has a grudge.

Someone clearly has peed in his Cheerios.

Because last night, when the power went out (for some 60,000 Daytonians) it got COLDER. So we did what anyone else would do. Take our food out of the fridge and put it into our 40 degree garage and fall asleep on the floor of the living room.

The first one out?

I know! I thought it would be me too! I’m still nursing myself back to health (I’ve been hit by the Blissdom plague y’all.) so I’ve been sleeping a lot more than normal. But sure enough, kiddo gave up at 10:00pm!

As for me, I had to dope up on cough syrup pretty hard core at around 3:00am to get some shut-eye. And as per the usual, J never sleeps. Ever.

And so my crazy man up at all hours goes to work during a level 2 snow emergency.


He’s from NY people!

In his opinion, this is just a mere sneeze from Old Man Winter, and he can remember the time when they had an ice storm so bad that power was out for 2 whole weeks, and not just 3 hours!

Gag me.

I’m from Ohio.

We just don’t have winters like this!

And the worst part? It’s still coming!

Here’s what it looks like outside right. This. Second:

Those big white dots aren’t dandruff either. It’s the WHITE DEATH!

So I hope that someone out there is reading this from their iPhone on a beach in 80 degree weather.

Because I wish I could be you.

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