Are You Looking for Kleenex Softness? I have the perfect giveaway!

Each winter, I totally get the “blues”. Here in Ohio during the snowy season, we rarely see that big ball of light in the sky (I think it’s called the “SUN”, but I’ve only caught a glimpse of it in the past 6 months so I don’t want to make any assumptions).

One thing that’s really kept my spirits up (in more ways than one) is Kleenex and their Softness Worth Sharing program. As you’ve probably read before, Kleenex was my sponsor to Blissdom and I am so thankful, grateful and blessed to be chosen as one of their brand ambassadors. …Continue Reading…


How are you going to pay for that “big want”?

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Thank you to TurboTax for sponsoring my writing about household finances.Learn more about how TurboTax can help you find every tax deduction you deserve. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

In my end-of-year post, I mentioned that I took over our family finances in early 2010.

I also mentioned that it was a real eye-opener, and somewhat of a wake-up call.

That, was putting it lightly.

Every year, my family and I write a “wish-list” of big items we would like to purchase or do. 2011’s list has been made, and has grown (and grown, and grown…).Keep in mind, anything that makes this list MUST be paid with CASH ONLY. That’s right folks: COLD. HARD. CASH. Plastic need not apply. …Continue Reading…


I’ve only met her once.

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She’s a daughter.

She’s a wife.

She’s a mother.

She’s a friend to many of my friends.

When I’m cleaning my home. …Continue Reading…


Wordless Wednesday: Eric Singer, prepare to be de-throned!

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If I blog about it, does that mean it’s over?

Since being back from Blissdom, I’ve had the opportunity (thanks to the” Blissdom Plague” I brought home as a lovely souvenir) to look back on an amazing experience.

When I arrived at Nashville’s Gaylord Opryland, I knew that this conference was going to be SO different.


I was essentially on my own. …Continue Reading…