Twitter Follow Friday list (aka #FF)


So I’m doing my #FF for Twitter a little differently this week. I’m putting them here on my blog, so I can explain to you why they are on my #FF list. I hope you check them out and follow them too. Trust me, they’re worth it.

  • @xtremeparnthood: I always have great conversations with her, and most of them are super funny. She’s been called a “banshee” by @RussellCrowe. Yes, that makes her awesome.
  • @RoraBorieAlice: One of the funniest tea pushers I chat with. She’s a fantastic lady, who is very supportive, much like a good bra.
  • @xoLolitagirl: Not only is she pretty to look at, but she’s a BLAST to talk to about fashion. She and her hubby run the amazingly fabulous Lolita Girl Clothing store (a store I can’t live without).
  • @MissxKaren: She fanicies herself a pirate hooker. She’s hilarious. Enough said.
  • @ErinGifford: A good friend of mine whom I met at Blissdom. She’s a great resource for deals and has a heart made of gold.
  • @CecilyK: She knows my needs for fluffy puppies and dashes of unicorns. I get her. You’ll love her.
  • @MinnesotaJoY: Probably the sweetest woman on Twitter. There are no boring conversation with her!
  • @RedneckLatte: SO FUNNY and a must read. He’s the uncle of famous @Momminitup and @Jennyitup.
  • @SavingLifestyle: Okay, so she’s my friend in real life, but seriously, this lady knows how to save you a buck or two. She helps navigate the frugal waters and makes it simple. Follow her, and you won’t be disappointed (fka MommySnacks).
  • @5DollarDinners: She gets my need to make chocolate a legume and sugar a vegetable. She also has an amazing cook book out there. Simply said: I am blessed to know her.
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