Are you a wimpy parent?


Recently, my local newspaper published a list of questions posed by the ever-popular Dr. Ramey Ph.D. of Dayton Children’s Medical Center.

Needless to say, I got a good chuckle from them.

So I’ve listed them here for you. With my answers.

Honest to goodness:

1. Are you more concerned about your children’s feelings than their behaviors? Yes. Because if my kid is stripping off her clothes in Target, it means that she feels hot. So to answer on the short- I care about her feelings more than the behavior in that instance.

2. Do you praise your children excessively? Um, yeah. Have you been through potty training? If so, you know that praise only wins that battle.

3. Do you give in on your discipline? YES. When I take away TV I have brief moments of insanity. As soon as I realize what I have done (mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy. WHAT? hi.) I hand her the remote. Don’t judge me.

4. Do you feel guilty after disciplining your child? See answer to #3.
5. Are you inconsistent in your application of discipline? When she’s tired, she turns into The Hulk. I usually hide in my closet when this behavior rears its ugly head. You would too, and you know it. So I guess I am consistent in this case.

6. Do you talk endlessly to convince your children that your discipline is fair? When every question is WHY? You have to answer. Sorry, kid, you might be 5 but I HAVE to have the last word.

7. Do you typically place your children’s needs above those of you and your spouse? Hmmmmm. New computer vs the new My Little Pony Playset. Guess who’s really getting a toy apple? Hint: It doesn’t have a hard drive.

So yeah, thanks Dr. R. I’m full of wimpy-parenting-awesomeness.

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