Puke-Apocalypse 2010


This weekend, in the DD household, we dealt with Puke-Apocalypse-2010.

In which I learned a million and one things about parenting while sick.

It doesn’t work out too well.

Thank goodness I married the man that I did, because he was the one holding our hair back, cleaning the carpets, doing the laundry and changing the sheets.

All at the same time.

He’s all mine ladies, so back up! 😉

Okay, so on to the things I have learned:

1)Always keep a puke bucket in your kid’s bed. Even when they’re not sick. It’s good to be prepared for the ultimate natural disaster.

2) Line said puke bucket with multiple trash-bags.

Go ahead. I’ll wait while you’re doing this.

3) No matter how much you hate doing laundry, you should always have 2 sets of clean sheets ready and waiting for each bed in your house.

3) King sized beds are much better than queens when your entire family is sick.

4) Futon mattresses on the floor are not just for your college years (you know, when you only have a queen sized bed).

5) Having a newborn does prepare you for the sleepless sickie nights. Be thankful for that (at least).

6) Ginger-ale can be a lifesaver.Always have a 2 liter in your pantry. Always.

7) Keep your toilet clean. There’s nothing worse than puking in a toilet that hasn’t been touched in 2 weeks.

8 ) Before going to bed, go ahead and pull back your hair, and your child’s hair (if it’s long enough). Even if you feel okay. Just. Do. It.

9) Have a bottle of Resolve Carpet Cleaner on every floor of your home. Enough said.

And the most important tip:

10) MAINTAIN YOUR WASHER. Nothing is worse than throwing all the pukish laundry into your washer and then finding out it no longer works.

You’re welcome.

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