Ballet IS a war zone.


No doubt about it.

Last month, M started back up at her ballet school after a brief absence.

Our first night back, and the cops are called.

On the parents.

Who are fighting.

In front of the door, and in the parking lot.

They even got their little ballerinas involved in the scuffle.

Parenting at its finest?

You betcha.

So that very same night, we drove to yet another studio in town and registered M there.

Which is fine and dandy.

But not when one of the parents lets her toddler run all over the waiting room, and climbs on people.

Yes, that’s right.

I don’t know this woman or this kid, but the kid seems to always come over and climb all over me.

And the mom?

Does nothing.

The parents were invited into the classroom to see the new dance our girls were working on, and dontcha know that mom-of-the-year let her toddler run all over the dance floor while the girls were trying to show us the new dance.

The dance teacher did nothing.

The mother stood there, laughed and took pictures.

I don’t get it. Is ballet just another form of expensive babysitting? People just don’t seem to really care about how their actions may be perceived. First you have the fighting parents, then the absent-minded-mom. If my daughter ever ran into a classroom and disrupted his or her sister’s class, I’d run out ( toddler-child in tow) with my tail between my legs. Not to mention let them hang all over strangers (I’m not very talkative, and have never even spoken to the mother before).

Could someone please explain this to me?

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