Because shopping in your pajamas is okay.

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Jeffersonville Prime Outlets is offering shoppers an early start on Black Friday holiday shopping and you don’t even have to worry about a dress code.

The  outlet stores are offering discounts on an many holiday items from midnight to 8:00am during it’s Midnight Madness Pajama Jam on Friday, November 26th!

The first 500 shoppers who show up all dolled up in their PJs will receive gift bags that include a pair of Gold Toe slipper socks, coupons and other goodies.

Five pajama-wearing shoppers will receive $100 Prime Outlets gift card inside their bag.

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Wordless Wednesday: Obligatory School Photo

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Are you a wimpy parent?

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Recently, my local newspaper published a list of questions posed by the ever-popular Dr. Ramey Ph.D. of Dayton Children’s Medical Center.

Needless to say, I got a good chuckle from them.

So I’ve listed them here for you. With my answers.

Honest to goodness: …Continue Reading…


Puke-Apocalypse 2010

This weekend, in the DD household, we dealt with Puke-Apocalypse-2010.

In which I learned a million and one things about parenting while sick.

It doesn’t work out too well.

Thank goodness I married the man that I did, because he was the one holding our hair back, cleaning the carpets, doing the laundry and changing the sheets.

All at the same time.

He’s all mine ladies, so back up! 😉

Okay, so on to the things I have learned: …Continue Reading…


Ballet IS a war zone.

No doubt about it.

Last month, M started back up at her ballet school after a brief absence.

Our first night back, and the cops are called.

On the parents.

Who are fighting. …Continue Reading…