From the mouth of M.


One thing we’ve been working on with M lately, is her “tude”. Girlfriend has one the size of Texas, and seems to exercise it on a regular basis. Much to the dismay of J and I (and her personal safety).

These last couple of days, her attitude has been getting the best of her. The night before last, she threw a temper tantrum of EPIC proportions. We sent her to her room upstairs and I SWEAR to you that I thought our ceiling was going to cave in. She was stomping and jumping up-and-down THAT hard. My windows were shaking, PEOPLE! But like I said on Twitter, I don’t negotiate with terrorists, even if my preschooler has briefly lost her mind. I didn’t give in (notice I said “I”?).

Well tonight, I made the HUGE mistake of laughing at her, during one of her “tude” moments.

Yes, I know.

I broke the golden rule.

M was raising her voice and getting snippy with J.

J very politely asked M if she was yelling at him.

Her response:

“No Daddy. You must have an ear confection.”

I. Lost. It.

If you laugh at what your child is saying while they have an attitude, it they will bite you in the behind.

Because I’m more afraid of children than I am of pitbulls.

No joke.

M now thinks it’s cute to talk back, as long as she makes something up when it relates to someone ELSE.

Case in point:

I also have an ear confection.

Le sigh….

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