Dear Disney on Ice


Dear Disney on Ice:

Thank you.

Thank you for such an amazingly magical evening.

I never thought in my wildest dreams that my whole (yes, that means even J) family would love Disney on Ice Princess Classics as much as we all did.

It was full of talent, entertainment, surprise and a whole lot of magic.

There were times my husband and I found ourselves looking at each other and saying at the very same time “How did they do that?!?”. It really blew our minds.

And to see my daughter’s face when she saw all of her favorite princesses at once was just, well- I can’t even think of words. I love to see when my little girl believes in the magic 100% and doesn’t question a moment.

The characters, the costumes and the stage-like setting were all right on point and were flat-out dreamy at some points. And with it being at the Nutter Center, there wasn’t a bad seat in the house! My family and I had VIP tickets and were sat in the 2nd row from the ice. I was concerned that we would miss things being so close, but that wasn’t the case at all! It’s not like a hockey game, where you can’t see what’s going on at the other end of the rink. Disney on Ice caters to the ENTIRE audience, making sure that the costumes and makeup are really over the top, so that even the smallest kiddo in the 120th row can see the Evil Stepmother’s infamous elongated chin.

The only thing I recommend? Don’t get hung-up on taking pictures of the performers unless you have a sports camera. The skaters move so fast, that it’s hard to get a good shot of them. So buy the program. It’s well worth it.
But here are some shots that I did get:

So thank you Disney and FELD Entertainment. You’ve helped us create so many wonderful and magical memories!

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