I won’t pretend…


So it’s been awhile since this post.

M was diagnosed with a shell fish allergy.

We took her to Red Lobster for dinner.

She ate shrimp and crab.

We came home.

She started puking everywhere.

Then she started itching.

Then she started wheezing.

J freaked, and drove like a mad man to Children’s Medical Center.

They got her in pretty quickly and got a RT started on her albuterol treatments.

She was kept over night for observation and sent home with a battery of epi pens.

Which our insurance didn’t pay one. single. dime. for.

I won’t pretend that I’m not furious over it.

We took her to the allergist the next day and they ran a battery of tests.

15 scratch tests all came back inconclusive.

So we were sent back to Children’s for more blood tests.

Which all came back negative for any food allergies.

So we got a second opinion.

Turns out, that not all proteins in shell fish are screened for in those tests.

So she does have an allergy, it’s just not recognized in those tests.

I won’t pretend that this hasn’t been stressful.

Last week, M started ballet.

She’s tried ice skating, hockey, kung fu and now ballet.

I won’t pretend that I don’t like the girlier aspect of this new hobby!

She loves it, and loves seeing her new friend K (who is such a sweet little girl) there.

Who happens to also be in her preschool class.

It’s a blessing to see her new friendship blossom.

In a few weeks, M is going to start yet another venture.

One that I am not so excited about.


We went to visit a music store in our area to just look around.

We ended up not doing a whole lot of looking.

I know, you’re sitting here thinking I’m either insane or just flat-out stupid.

I’d prefer gullible.

I won’t pretend that I’m a little nervous (for our neighbors).

Yesterday was M’s first day back at school.

She had such a  great time seeing some of her old friends, and connecting with new ones!

It was amazing to have a little bit of quiet in our home.

I’d love to say that I missed her, but I think that 3 hour break is just right.

I won’t pretend that I didn’t enjoy it.

And I won’t pretend that I’m not ready for a vacation!

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