JVC ALL STAR Sports Fans Headphones


Powerful (and seriously- they’re powerful. I don’t need my hearing aids with these babies) 8.5mm neodymium driver units provide awesome sound for anyone and makes background noise nearly non-existant. The design is an in-ear canal headphone for truly superior sound. Yes, I know it sounds funny coming from a hard-of-hearing gal, but these things really do work. The gold-plated plug is also iPhone compatible for those of you with the ever-so-popular smart phone.

The come in 5 color combinations, which make for great gifts for your sports lover:

And are a very reasonable $14.95 when you order them from the JVC site. They are also extremely comfortable to wear, which was a total surprise to me. Even after all the ear surgeries I’ve had, they don’t irritate my skin at all!

I have the red and white combo, because a girl has to root for her CINCINNATI REDS!

So pick up a pair- or two at that price, and you won’t be dissapointed!

“I wrote this review  on behalf of JVC and received products necessary to facilitate my candid review.”

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