Tissues at the pool? Ew.


This summer, M had intensive 2-week private swim lessons that were worth much more than we paid for them.

But one thing I learned?

Tissues at the pool- are

Flat. Out. Gross.


They get wet.

And wet tissues are just


But I found a solution.

Boogie Wipes.

I’m not kidding.

It’s what they are actually called!

They are thicker than regular tissues, and are already lightly softened with some kind of saline.

It’s gentle on the nose,

while being pool friendly

because they don’t fall apart if your face is already wet.

So throw them in your bag when heading to the pool.

I found them at my local Target store, but check out their website for more places.

And no, this wasn’t a sponsored post.

It’s mom-to-mom advice.

Which I think we all appreciate.

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