Where have I been?


Goodness these last couple of weeks have been crazy!

J, M and I went to NY for a few days to visit family- and let me tell you- it’s the worst drive. Ever.


M (who’s 4) had learned the phrase:


And used it every 10 minutes for 8 1/2 hours.

In a car.

With just us.

I really thought I was going to lose it!

By the time we hit 45 minutes left of the drive, I was laughing like the joker because I had CRACKED.

And then we got to spend 4 days with our in-law’s neighbors.

But, I’m here to tell you that we survived, and made it home in record time.

I’m not sure how we did it, but I’m pretty sure that the wind at our backs and the thought of being in our own beds was certainly motivation.

Gas was outrageously expensive, but that’s nothing new, so instead of eating unhealthy fast food on the way there and back, we packed our sustenance in our cooler and packed up the Monkey Bed.

Monkey Bed?

Yes, you read that right.

It’s like a picnic blanket, okay, it IS a picnic blanket but it’s so much better than just that.

It’s a picnic blanket that’s soft, comfy and comes with it’s own bag- and there’s no wrong way to fold it up!

We used ours several different ways this trip. Mostly as a picnic table cloth (the only thing grosser that rest-stop bathrooms is rest-stop picnic tables).

It really gave me peace of mind knowing that my family wasn’t eating straight off these nasty tables.

We also used it as a blanket to sit on for the 4th of July fireworks. The blanket is so soft and comfy to sit on, that you don’t even feel the grass beneath you.

It’s light, has a fantastic shoulder strap, and even has tons of pockets to put things in, so it really is the perfect bag.

How could it be more perfect?

It comes in stylish colors that my husband isn’t afraid of being caught dead carrying.

It’s such a nice bag!

So check them out. They’re a small company run by some fantastic people. You won’t be disappointed.

*Dear FTC: We were provided the Monkey Bed, free of charge in exchange for a word-of-mouth review. I loved it so much, I brought it to the ‘net!

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