Covergirl Smoky Shadow Blast (my first) Vlog tutorial!

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Keepin’ it clean Thursday- Kitchen edition, Mr. Clean anyone?

This week’s Keepin’ it clean comes from the great Andrea from MommyConfessionsBlog.com!

magic eraser!

You ever have that nasty stuff baked onto you casserole dishes or baking pans?

You scrub and soak but it never comes off. Well I have a little secret to getting it off.

SHH! it is a secret…(OK not really)

Take your handy little magic eraser to it and it will come right off.

No elbow grease is required.
You can also use it to clean the top of your stove. Comes out all shiny and pretty.

Debacle solved.

Cut yours in half to save big money.


Wordless Wednesday

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Dear Parenting Magazine:

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As you can imagine, I am *not* too happy with an article you published in your July 2010 issue.

Which one, you ask?

“Feel Better Naked”.

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Where have I been?

Goodness these last couple of weeks have been crazy!

J, M and I went to NY for a few days to visit family- and let me tell you- it’s the worst drive. Ever.


M (who’s 4) had learned the phrase:

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