I’m tired of the poop.


I’ve had it.

Diarrhea is some evil cloud hanging over my family.

My daughter has had it since Friday night Iit feels like I’m wiping her butt, checking her poop and washing my hands every 10 seconds.

It’s like I’m back in my C-Diff days- and I am SO OVER IT.

M is crying because she doesn’t feel well.

I am crying because she’s crying.

We’re stuck in the house because I can’t take her anywhere because the mere thought of an accident makes me yack.

I’m literally having flash backs of July-October of last year.

And I want to scream.

I have screamed.

M has a huge attitude.

I’ve called her doctor, only to be told that it’s a summer diarrhea virus, and there’s nothing that can be done other than her diet.

The BRATY diet gets old. Really fast.

I’m anxious.

She’s spastic.

She’s spilled an entire glass of water in the living room due to one of her outbursts.

She apologizes.

I lose my temper and raise my voice.

I’m tired.

I’m married to a night-owl who doesn’t need any sleep.

Yet I am the total opposite.

I get really cranky when I’m tired.

I’m jealous.

M is so tired, that as I write this, she’s in her room crying herself to sleep.

She needs a nap- for my own sanity.

I need a break.

It’s only Monday.

We’re supposed to go out of town this week to visit family.

It’s a super long drive, that none of them will even make to visit us.

Did I mention that M has diarrhea?

I quit.

Monday, you win.

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  1. (1.) Jenni HarlowJune 28th, 2010