Palm Pre Plus, Palm Pixi Plus review and Bluetooth Headset giveaway-CLOSED



Is super small and cute!

It’s made of plastic and is light, but doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy in your hand.

It’s very shiny, as the front has this really high-gloss coat, and the back is a very soft-to-the-touch material. It has rounded edges wchich sit comfortably in your hand like the Pre, but the width of the Pixi tapers towards the bottom, giving it a really nice feel.

The Pixi doesn’t have the actual “center button”, but instead has a thin LED slit that works like a button would- which is weird in my opinion.

Did I mention it’s small? It’s only 0.43-inches thick which is thinner than the iPhone (for those keeping score).The Pixi also 8 GB internal memory!!

The Pixi also has 2 megapixel camera with an LED flash, as well as an accelerometer, proximity sensor, and ambient light sensor. But it does had physical keys, which is AWESOME!


The plastic case is also tougher than Lou Ferrigno.This is the perfect phone for moms. You can let your kiddo play with it, and when you get it back- there were no scratches (this was an actual test I put this one through). Even putting it in my purse with my keys bumping into it didn’t leave a mark. Impressive? I think SO!

The Palm Pre has a plastic screen, it’s very responsive and even gives you a small ‘ripple’ when you tap so you can see what you just hit. Which is great for those of us with “mommy brain”. You know what I’m talking about…

The Pre is that it has a full slide-down QWERTY actual-physical keyboard. The keys are soft, and feel like rubber to me, rather than being hard (which breaks my nails). It actually makes it easier to type with nails. The keys are spaced pretty closely together, and the bottom row is very close to the bottom of the phone, so it’s hard to hit those.

The Pre has an app that lets you find hotspots which is pretty cool! It also has a ‘Ringer Switch’ on the top that lets you silence most sounds- perfect for that quick silence during nap time!

It also has a 3.2 megapixel camera and a flash. The camera takes pictures quickly and has some innovative ‘depth of field’ features. Picture quality is AMAZING. But, unfortunately, the Palm Pre cannot record video. BIG sigh for that…

All in all, these are two great phones that are practicle and very smart. I love them both! Way to go Verizon!

So now onto the free stuff:

Verizon has given me the opportunity to give one of my readers to win a Motorolla H790 Bluetooth Headset valued at $79.99! With Crystal Talk Technology it cancels out background noise to deliver excellent sound quality (yes, I totally got that from their site, because it isn’t exactly compatible with my hearing aides-but my husband LOVES it, and I can’t peel it out of his ear!).

All you have to do is one or all of the following (remember to leave each entry in separate comments, or it will only count as one):

  • Visit the Verizon site for the Pixi or the Palm and tell me what phone you like the best, and how it would fit into your lifestyle!
  • Tweet: Check out @DomesticDebacle’s review on Verizon’s Palm Pre&  Pixi Plus-and enter to win a $79.99 Bluetooth headset! http://wp.me/pFIaT-pV
  • Share this review/giveaway on your Facebook Page.
  • Blog about this review/giveaway linking back here, for three extra entries, leaving each comment separately below.

The winner will be chosen on Friday, July 9th at 10:00am. Good Luck, and thanks for reading!

(Dear FTC: I was given a bluetooth headset in exchange for this review, but it doesn’t change my opinion. I can’t use the headset anyways- I’m deaf without my hearing aides 😉 )

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