Disney Vacation Breakdown Part 6: Talkin’ Money!


I have been getting a lot of requests, asking for the monetary breakdown of our Disney Vacation- so I’ve pulled a very detailed report of what I paid for, and when. If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! There are always more ways to save, but I usually chose the route that’s going to benefit my family the best. My options might not work for you- but this gives you a general idea of what a Disney vacation can cost your family.

I made all payments in cash to my AAA office, so NO credit cards were involved. AT ALL!

We booked our Disney Vacation on January 22nd this year, at a AAA event that got us 2 adult Mickey backpacks and 2 Birnbaum’s Guide to Disney World books if we booked that day. I usually wait for these events to book, because I feel like I get a little something extra for a vacation I was already planning on taking. Plus, they have a Disney rep available to answer any questions.

The total cost for a 6 night, 7 day vacation at a Moderate Resort, basic Disney Resort Passes (no park hoppers, no expiration add on or water parks) and the Deluxe Dining Plan through AAA at that time was:


At the time of booking, you have to put down a minimum of $200, which goes towards your balance- so at that time, we owed:


On March 13th, I booked our flights on Air Tran (3 tickets both ways) for $607.20. Obviously, I paid in full on the spot when I booked. I do not add this amount to my “bottom line” but I thought I’d give you an idea of what I pay through AAA.

On April 9th- as an anniversary present to the both of us, we put down $350.31 which brought our total down to:


And then Basic Free Dining was released to the general public- so it was applied to our total (net savings of $377.46 after the upgrade), and then we added the upgrade to the Deluxe Dining Plan- so that brought us to a total owed of:


Then the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party tickets were released, costing us (2 adults and one child) $165.99. We chose the Will Call option, to save $5.

To cover the cost of the Halloween tickets, and then make a small dent in our balance, we paid $389.54 on May 7th which brought us down to:


Not bad right?

So the next payment was made on May 21st, of $400.00 and our total dropped to:


And at that point, we could really see the end of the tunnel!!

The next payment was on June 4th- of $230.00

With our total being:


We got lucky, and our “extra” paycheck hit this month, so we paid off our balance on June 18th:


It was our first year of paying on a vacation with cash only, and to have it done in 6 months was a real accomplishment in my book. Granted, Disney helped out a bit by offering free dining for our stay, and I worked a little extra teaching- but it was worth it! I am so happy that this vacation is paid in full-in cash, and that our food is completely covered. All I have to do now is save for our tips (which I put together in advance in case you didn’t know), Photopass and spending money.

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