Disney’s Photopass


One way you can save on souvenirs at Disney, is to pre-purchase the Disney Photopass CD.

Don’t know what photopass is?

Basically, there are a bunch of professional photographers stationed throughout the resorts and restaurants, who take pictures of you and your family. They load the information on a little card and give it to you. Then you take the card home, log into the photopass website with the key code on the card, and viola!

Your pictures are there for you to download at $14.95 a copy.

Think that’s a little expensive?

Yeah, me too.

Unless- you buy the photopass CD in advance, through their Pre-Arrival Savings Offer.Which will save you a really nice chunk of change. Not to mention your whole family makes it into the photo (it’s always one person taking the photo, am I right?).

For $99.95 (total, there is no tax or shipping) you get Disney’s PhotoCD- loaded with all of your digital .jpeg photos to you can customize (like adding borders, and making them different colors), and the copyright release so you can print them out where ever you like.

If you buy it after your vacation, the price goes up to $149.95.

Hello savings!!

You can pay with a credit card, or if you’re like me, a Disney gift card.

And what’s really great is that if you tell your Photopass photog that you’ve pre-purchased your CD, they will take additional shots for you and even pose your family to fit in with some of the “photo shop like” add-on images!

So, let’s say you have 300 images taken, and you go a little hog-wild editing them, and end up with say- 1400 images total (’cause you can make as many as you want) you could end up paying $20,930 for the images.

Okay, so I took it to the extreme, but you would have to pay $50 more for the CD if you bought it after your trip.

See where I’m getting at?

Buy the CD before you head out to Disney. You’ll save money, have it pre-paid and have an awesome souvenir (that you OWN the rights to) to boot.

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