2010 Father’s Day Gift Guide (but don’t limit it to Father’s Day!)


I literally am married to the hardest person to buy for- ever.


He has everything. And not just everything.

LITERALLY everything.

It’s even harder because his birthday is always a day or two away from Father’s Day.

So this year- I put together a guide for those of us who have hard-to-buy-for men in our lives…

Remington Electric Shavers– are always an amazing hit with dad- or any man in your life. They not only save you time in the mornings, but also save you money in the long run on costly disposable razors!

The Crispery– Is just yummy! They are gourmet rice crispy treats and worth every. single. penny. They are HUGE and it takes you at least three sittings to eat one! Also, you can really impress your loved one because they come packaged beautifully!

The Charm Factory– Okay, so this is more of a gift for me, but I am proud to say “I love my Husband”! And since he’s such a great father, I wear my charm with pride! See honey? It really is a gift for you- to allow me to show the world how much I love you! 😉

Day Vue Screen Protector Film– An anti-glare screen protectant for your iPhone! It’s a little difficult to install, and does bubble around the button at the bottom, but doesn’t effect the screen. They are great for seeing your phone while outdoors (especially on a boat!).

100 Perfect Pairings– A FANTASTIC cook book- that has simple recipes and includes the wine you’d use with them. J LOVED this gift- and it’s a huge hit in our house with the pizza recipes.

Cremo Cream– The closest shave you’ll ever get. Really. This is my husband’s favorite shaving cream. He doesn’t get any razor burn or ingrown hairs from using it! Cremo Cream also sent me the ladies version- and I’m hooked now too! I LOOOOVE it! I’m pretty sure it has unicorn horn shavings in the formula. Or it’s magic. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

ShavWet– complete shaving system for your shower! Fogless mirror? YEP! It’s awesome! So if you have an in-shower shaver in your life: then this is the gift for them!

Invisible Glass– And when it says invisible- it means invisible! This is the BEST glass cleaner/ system I’ve ever used- and J loves it for the car windows! If you’re man is a car enthusiast- he will LOVE Invisible Glass!

Meguiar’s Car Care– J’s always used them for the car, so it’s a name we trust! It’s a great system for care care, and my husband loves them!

And for the kid at heart:

Zibits Dex- He’s an adorable remote control mini-robot made by Senario! He can rotate in 360 degrees and can move in several directions! He even has sounds and lights! It’s an adorable tech toy for your geek-at-heart! This was a gift that the whole family loves- especially by our 4 year-old daughter. And the best part- he’s been dropped several times off our table, and survived every one of the falls. SCORE for the durable!

Dear FTC: I received samples of all of the above items in exchange for review. It doesn’t influence my opinion about them.

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