Tim Gunn and Tide, my life is complete.


This week, I was invited to a P&G Fabric Care University event in Cincinnati.

I was going to learn about how Tide and Downy keep my clothes clean- and looking their best.

And there were some severe highlights…

Like getting to be there with some of my dearest friends:

Emily, Amy, Jenny and Andrea!

I actually had the pleasure of riding to the event with Andrea and Jenny- which really got the party started!

We were put up in the uber-swanky Westin Hotel downtown. You know, the one with the HEAVENLY beds? I actually got lost in the covers, and had to ask for directions to get out -almost)!

But when we first unpacked, we headed off to the P&G archives for a tour, which was so much fun! I love history- and it means even more when it’s LOCAL history!

(photo from momminitup)

That’s right, P&G’s head quarters are in CINCINNATI, OHIO! Which means it brings jobs to the USA, baby!!

Then, we were whisked away to meet this handsome man (who is my favorite person, from my favorite show):

Tim Gunn!

Who talked about having the same black socks for 2 years. Why?

He washes them in Tide of course!

Then he set us off on a contest of EPIC proportions!

A mini-version of Project Runway!

We were given a bag with a glue gun and some odds and ends.

Which meant, my competitive side came out full force.

And I complained there was no sewing kit 😉 (for those of you that don’t know, my good friend Jessica is teaching me how to sew- WOOT!).

My group and I were given a white tee shirt to transform:

Into this little HAWT number:

It was AMAZING! You can’t even tell it was a boring white tee before, can you?

Of course not!

So the judges deliberated:

And my group WON!!!

It was fantastic, and Tim told me I had a real eye- and that I did a great job taking a step back to “see the whole picture and edit”.

Needless to say, I was worried I was going to pass out…

But then the fun began!

We headed off to have some drinks and Tim and I got some real time to chat (and drink, did I mention that? Because if you drink with Tim Gunn, you’d better be able to hold your own. Turns out I’m a light-weight).

So, we talked trash about old Project Runway seasons and called J! Tim is such a wonderful and real person, and I adore him even more than I did just by watching the series!

But then, Tim went back to hotel and us Ohio gals took the town by storm!

Okay, so we really went to eat at Rock Bottom after-wards. But, we had a blast!

The next morning, we got to have breakfast with Tim, and Amy and I totally hogged him for more dish on past designers on the show. It was amazing!

Stay tuned for more on Tide… It will blow your socks off!


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