Triaminic is NOT for your hair.


Last week, M was having a tough time with a cold.

To the point where she was up all day and night long coughing.

So, I did what any mom would do.

Drug my kid up so I so she could get some sleep.

It was around midnight when I went in to give her some Triaminic Cold and Cough.

Apparently, that was my first mistake.

She seemed awake when I handed her the medicine cup.

Really, she did.

She smiled, took it from me, then poured it over her head.


So I scream.

And it wakes her up.

And she wants to know why I poured Triaminic all over her.

Are you kidding me?

So into the bathroom we went…

to could rinse out the Triaminic in the bathroom sink.

I gave her an actual dose that really went into her mouth

and back into bed she went.

The next morning, it turns out that it doesn’t rinse out.

And M, has rock-hard hair.

Like it’s covered in rock candy.

Leftovers anyone?

I just LOVE parenting.

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