Wordless Wednesday

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Dress made by my BFF Jessie E.


Keepin’ it clean Tuesdays- Kitchen edition: Coffee stains anyone?

Okay, so if you’re in my house, you’d notice that we drink a lot of tea, and whole lot of coffee.

One thing that used to plague us were those nasty coffee/tea stains on our white ceramic mugs.

How do you get rid of it?


Just gently rub your mugs (hey now, your coffee and tea mugs- pfft!) with a wet cloth dipped in dry baking soda- or you can dip it in a salt and water paste.

Both work just as well as the other!


I’m tired of the poop.

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I’ve had it.

Diarrhea is some evil cloud hanging over my family.

My daughter has had it since Friday night Iit feels like I’m wiping her butt, checking her poop and washing my hands every 10 seconds.

It’s like I’m back in my C-Diff days- and I am SO OVER IT.

M is crying because she doesn’t feel well.

I am crying because she’s crying. …Continue Reading…


Who knows how to party? We know how to party!

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On Friday, my good friend Andrea from MommyConfessionsBlog.com and I threw a KILLER party! We invited 20 of our closest friends to enjoy a night of good food, good swag, good giveaways and good conversation!

We had food sponsored from the oh-so-yummy Subway:

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Palm Pre Plus, Palm Pixi Plus review and Bluetooth Headset giveaway-CLOSED


Is super small and cute!

It’s made of plastic and is light, but doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy in your hand. …Continue Reading…