Sparkles, Lulu Sparkles.


Last night, my oh-so-sweet insane (let’s just be honest here) daughter (M) was on the phone with her amazing grandmother, my mother-in-law.

She asked for her “Pop”, which is M speak for grandfather.

And my mother-in-law informed M, that he was unavailable because he was out with friends.

And M, found this unacceptable.


M needs a story folks! And if you don’t give her one, she will make one up for you.

So sorry Pop, I’m publishing “your” story about your night out. As told by M.

So back to when my mother-in-law said Pop was out with friends…

and M says:

“No Ga, he’s out with his girlfriend- Sparkles, Lulu Sparkles.” (M is really into the whole girlfriend thing right now- and yes, I have more stories about it).

Straight faced and all.

Yes, my 4 year-old is not only insane, but she’ a pretty good story teller to boot.

So my mother-in-law laughs a little (albeit nervously, but thank goodness she recognizes that it’s just a kid telling stories) and asks her what she’s doing.

And let me tell you, M’s on a roll!

She starts telling her grandmother that her father (you know, her son and all) thinks she’s the meanest mommy ever.

And when we come to visit, he (my husband) is going to lock her in the closet.

And the best part?

She says that her father, thinks that his mother’s cooking is. the. worst.

Oh no she didn’t!

See, my mother-in-law is one of those cooks that you hate to be in a kitchen with, because her mere presence is going to make you feel like a college student cooking ramen in the microwave.

She’s. That. Good.

And M just insulted the chef!

So, J tries to save face and promptly puts the little evil spawn girl to bed and talks to his mom.

And thank goodness, the woman sees that M’s wild (kinda like her father).

But what we’ve all decided- we’d love to meet Lulu Sparkles.

‘Cause with a name like that- you’ve got to be fun!

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