Rockabye Baby! A rockin’ review.


Okay, so there’s this company.

And what do they do?

They take music that is sheer AWESOMENESS… (Coldplay, The Cure, The Eagles, The RAMONES, Green Day, Guns N’ Roses… you get the idea)

and turn it into kid-friendly AWESOMENESS.


I know, you’re probably wondering how they do it.

I’d like to think it was with a little magic, but honestly, they take the words out (so you aren’t exposing your child to the lyrics of “Fat-Bottomed Girls” too soon), and make the tunes into these melodic lullibies.

And I laugh, because my daughter- who knows all the words to all of the Queen songs (she fancies herself as a little Freddie Mercury) sings herself to sleep to the awesome tunage.

And for me- it’s flat-out relaxing to hear. You know why? I’m not BSing the words in my head. These are lyrics I know, and grew up with.

Until you get to the Ramones. I don’t care who you are- you will giggle when you hear the melodic tune of “Beat on the Brat” and you know your kid has NO CLUE as to what the song really is.

So not only is it relaxing, it’s entertaining!!

In my opinion, Rockabye Baby! is an awesome baby-shower gift to all parents who might (and you know they will) get tired of the traditional kiddie songs (can anyone say Laurie B? I don’t know who doesn’t find her annoying after awhile).

I know I would have loved to have these when M was born.

And they also carry the cutest little onesies. I think they should come in adult size. T-shirts, not onesies. Because that would be WEIRD.

So- if you’re looking for a unique gift that will make baby happy, and make the parents not want to scream when they listen to lullibies- you MUST head over to Rockabye Baby! and buy their whole collection.


Because you could end up with The Ramones sending your little one to sleep every night.

And believe it or not- it’s very sweet.

(Dear FTC: I got these CD’s for free, in exchange for my review. But I was going to buy them. RBB just stopped me first. Got it? Good.).

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