The Disney Vacation Breakdown Part 3- Let’s talk money


Okay, so here’s where I tell you how long my vacation is going to be, and how much it’s going to set us back!

Errrr, well, there’s more to it than that.

Like the fact we have to pay for flights too.

You gotta get there somehow!

So, we are flying into Orlando on a Sunday, and flying out of Tampa on a Saturday. We’re spending 2 weeks in Florida, the first in Orlando, and the second in Tampa.

Because of the split-air port schedule, our ticket prices were a little cheaper. And, because I booked through AAA I saved another $20. We are flying on Air Tran though, so we have to pay $15 for each piece of checked luggage. We already know that we’ll have 3 bags. So that adds another $45 to our cost.

The tickets themselves were only $607. 20 for the three of us, (2 adults, one child) round trip.

Not bad right? I didn’t think so either. So those, done and paid for.

Now… onto Disney.

We’re going to be at Disney from a Sunday, until a Saturday. We’re staying at a moderate resort, and have signed up for “Magic Your Way” tickets (base- no park hoppers or water parks, which I will explain in another post) for Monday-Friday and the Deluxe Dining Plan.

Our price?


And that’s with the $300 savings through AAA.

This includes transportation to and from the airport to our hotel (also known as the Magical Express) and buses to parks, the tickets, the hotels, 3 meals a day (drinks, appetizers and dessert all included) and two snacks per person per day.

You have to put down a $200 deposit- which goes towards your bottom line, and the total has to be paid off 45 days before our arrival. Which, if you book a year in advance, it can really benefit you by making small payments over a longer period of time.

For us, we have already made the $200 deposit, which brought the total to


Recently, I made a payment of $350.31, which brought our total down to


Not bad, for an all-inclusive vacation, right?

I’ll keep updating you too whenever I make a payment.

Now, this total *could* go down, by one of three ways…

1) I could cancel the trip. Not likely, but possible.

2) Disney could offer a seasonal discount, like they’re having right now- the Summer Special, which is 20-40% off your hotel stay. I’m really hoping for their “trending” one for our time frame, free Magic Your way dining- which includes 1 table service meal, 1 quick dining meal and 1 snack. I’m signed up for the Deluxe, so if this is offered, I would chose it and then upgrade back to the Deluxe plan. But honestly, I would be happy with any seasonal offer that would be more than the discount I’m getting from AAA.

3) I would get an ever-coveted pin code in my e-mail, or through snail mail. There is NO rhyme or reason to these things at all. NO ONE knows how you get them, or when they’re coming. But they are these sequence of numbers and letters attached to your name and then attached to your reservation to give you a special discount. These things can only be used in your name, and are NOT transferred. Which kinda stinks. So, if you get one for your friend’s time frame, and then your friend gets one for your time frame- you both are screwed.  No one can use the Pins, and Disney is stricter than anything about it.It really stinks, but I guess it keeps people from abusing the system and taking advantage of specials that don’t really exist.

Next up: Tipping on the dining plan- what? The gratuity isn’t included? But everything else is!

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