There was a boy, and there was a girl.


A long, long time ago, in a land not-so-far away

there was a girl.

And there was a boy.

The girl was hurting, and no one could see it.

The boy was sick, and the girl could barely see it.

But the girl was so wrapped up in her own issues and mistakes, that she left the boy.

All alone.

With no one to help him.

She told no one what she knew about him.

Years went by.

The girl got help

The girl moved on.

The girl began a new life.

The boy was forced to do something he didn’t want to do.

It only made him worse.

He came back a different person.

The girl didn’t know how different the boy really was.

Until the boy sent the girl a message.

The boy was still hurt.

The boy was still sad.

And the boy, blamed the girl for all of the hurt.

The boy blamed the girl for everything.

The boy didn’t get help.

The girl knew that she had done something wrong, but thought it would be right in the end.

And the girl didn’t reply.

The girl turned away.

The girl chose to ignore the boy.

The girl never apologized.

The girl moved on.

And then a week later-

The boy did something bad.

Really, really bad.

And the girl blamed herself.

The girl was forced to see the world with different eyes.

The girl was forced to live with unimaginable guilt.

The girl would be changed forever.

People blamed the girl for what the boy had done.

The girl knew it wasn’t directly her fault, but couldn’t help but think there could have been something she could have done.

But the girl,

had to start another new life.

with a new outlook.

The girl learned a lesson.

And she moved on.

And it will be was okay.

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