The Disney Vacation breakdown- part 2 “The Resorts”


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Okay, so first we’re going to talk resorts.

There are 3 different categories, and what I like to call the “Big Daddy” of resorts on the Disney property.

Now, there are other resorts on site- for Disney Vacation Club. That’s like a time-share kind of thing. Since we aren’t doing it, and have no plans to, I’m not going to include that information on here. I’m just mean like that.

What I will do is give you the price range of value season, regular season, peak season and holiday season. So the smallest number represents standard value season, and the largest number represents deluxe (options for the rooms) holiday season. This is simply a range. Want to know a specific resort’s price for a certain time frame? Call Disney at (407) 939-742 or your travel agent.

Okay, so there are:

your value resorts: All Star, Pop Century which will run you $82-$174 a night. Why the big jump in price? It depends on what time of year you’re planning on going, and what kind of room options you want. Want a room with a view? You’re going to pay for it. Just like anywhere else.

your moderate resorts: Caribbean Beach, Coronado Springs, Fort Wilderness, Port Orleans Riverside, Port Orleans French Quarter will run you $149-$905. Big jump in price right? Well, Fort Wilderness you can reserve a private cabin and Coronado Springs has 1 bedroom suites.

your deluxe resorts: Animal Kingdom Lodge, Beach Club, Boardwalk Inn, Contemporary, Dolphin, Polynesian, Shades of Green (a military/DOD resort), Swan, Wilderness Lodge, Yacht Club which will run you $240-$1210 a night. Shades of Green can start out at $89 a night, but this resort is based on your pay grade or rank. The Beach Club, Yacht Club and Boardwalk Inn all have 2 bedroom suites.

and the resort all other resorts hope to grow up to be: The Grand Floridian. Ahhhh, the Grand Floridian. We were dumb lucky enough to stay here for our honeymoon. It did not disappoint. However, we’re still paying off that trip.

Which is why I am teaching my child that credit cards are evil- and if you think they aren’t- you probably work for a credit card company. But enough of my rant…

The Grand Floridian is amazing. And will run you $410-$1040 a night. Yes, it STARTS out at $410. Looking back, it’s not worth it. Why? You can stay at Port Orleans French Quarter for a fraction of the price and still get the beautiful, luxurious (and private) feeling you get at The Grand Floridian (this is my opinion, so all you Disney people that disagree with me, that’s cool, but it’s my opinion so don’t hang me for it).I’d just rather spend that $300 somewhere else in the park like drinking my way around the world in EPCOT for souvenirs.

We’re staying at Port Orleans French Quarter (surprised, right? LOL) during value season, and are having a standard room. But, because we bought a package through AAA, we get a discount. And a pretty decent one at that. Rooms normally run for $149 a night. I honestly don’t know how much we’re paying for the room itself because of the way the package is set up. It’s literally all bunched together.

Up next: I’ll be posting my family’s package, so stay tuned!

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