The Disney Vacation break down- part 1


As most of you know, I am a Disney fanatic and try to hit the ‘World at the very least- once a year.

This year- I’m going to tell all of you the cost of this year’s vacation.


Because we like you I want you to see what an average Disney vacation costs.

We don’t do the cheapest vacations, so don’t go thinking that this is the “frugal route”. We prefer the moderate hotels, and are willing to pay a little extra for them. We also spoil our little princess to the MAX and like to hit up all the “Princess on Crack” events. Which can cost you significantly extra dough.

We always book through AAA, because I feel we get the best deal for what we want. On average, we go in the off months, so through AAA we can save anywhere from 20-30% right out the gate. This isn’t even counting what Disney might offer, in terms of Pin Codes ( there will be more on those little buggers later) and public special offers.

We do the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan. Let me say this: THIS PLAN IS NOT RIGHT FOR EVERYONE. We just happen to like sit-down restaurants. You can purchase much cheaper dining plans through Disney and still have VERY nice meals. We like to be pampered when we eat 100%. We also like Character Meals- just not the price tag of them. And I really like the 2 snack credit per-day allotment. You’d be surprised to see what goodies are on that list. I don’t have to shell out $4 for that giant chocolate-covered strawberry in Hollywood Studios. The dining plan is great because you pay for your meals in advance, so it takes the sting out of ordering that $9 burger. That, and you can come out ahead if you know what restaurants to hit, and which ones to avoid- to make the most of your credits. I will be writing more on this as well. Including how to do and decide your advance dining reservations.

Oh- and we can make payments IN CASH. I can walk into any AAA office, and hand them a check and they apply it to my vacation. And I don’t have to incur any credit card debt. Which in my opinion, a life saver in the long run. I just don’t use credit cards. They are EVIL. No good can come of them. Really (okay, so I’m being a little dramatic on this one, but I’m trying to teach my kid to not use them.).

You have to have your Disney Vacation paid in full 45 days before your arrival. This gives you a few extra weeks to save a little more spending cash. But, if you’re on the dining plan, what you spend at Disney World will be less. A LOT LESS. Last year, we spent $350 on souvenirs, ponchos (don’t get me started on that one) AND the Bippidy Boppidy Boutique.

You read that right.

We spent a week at Disney- and only spent $350 cash– and we had our daughter’s 4th birthday there.

So while you might be spending a lot upfront, in terms of paying for your vacation, it will pay off in the long run. Think of it as an investment, for your wallet and vacation.

Stay tuned for the number crunching…

See you real soon!

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