I’M CATHOLIC! (that’s a big “C”)


At Saturday night’s Easter Vigil, I made one of the biggest leaps of my life.

I was baptized.

I was confirmed.

I took communion for the first time.

Which somehow, no one got a picture of. But I assure you. I ate the cracker. I drank the wine.

For the first time. Really.


And it only took me 8 years to get here (I only spent 2 years in RCIA, so I’m not like a “special case” or anything. Well, at least they never really said it to my face).

Special thanks to my priest, Father Dave and my sponsor Michelle. Y’all have a REALLY special place in heaven waiting for you- for putting up with me.

*And yes, I still rocked the dots. Do you expect anything less?

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