Alright, I admit it.


Okay. So I’ll admit it.

I gave up on the March Menu Challenge.

Like really, really gave up on it.

We’ve eaten out the majority of the time.

It all went down hill on the 11th, when someone I was once very close to unexpectedly passed away. It came as a shock and without giving details was very tragic.

In all honesty, I was  am devastated.

So I lost track of life.

Of my goals.

And my blog.

Not to mention finances.

But I’ve gotten help. And things are now starting to get better.

And now, I’m going to start over.

I am being baptised on the 3rd of April. And it couldn’t come at a better time.

It’s going to be a new life for me. And I can’t wait.

So in April, I’m going to make a commitment that I know I can stick to.

I’m going to live life in a whole new way. Renewed.

No more “glass half empty”.

I am blessed.

It’s time I start to realize that.

So thanks for sticking with me.

I appreciate it more than you can imagine.



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