Menu plans for the week of March 15th-21st


Okay, so this is a little late.


A lot late.

I’ve had a lot going on right now, and honestly can’t think.

Life sometimes, gets too crazy, and this time I got swept away.

I haven’t cooked.

We’ve eaten out.

I haven’t cleaned.

Things are getting dusty.

I haven’t done laundry.

We’re running out of clothes to wear.

So thanks to a dear friend of mine, she thought she would share what she’s feeding her family this week.

(Don’t worry, I will get around to posting a recap from last week, and it will be *kinda* funny. But then again, I’m sure it depends on what you define as “funny”.)

My very-talented friend Tiffany is making

Monday: Chili, Cincinnati style (we put it over pasta)
Tuesday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and mixed veggies
Wednesday: Chef Salad
Thursday: Cook-out of burgers, hot dogs, brats, coleslaw, fries, and fruit salad
Friday: Pork chops, cheesy rice, green beans
Saturday: Home made chicken parmigiana with pasta and salad
Sunday: Beef Stir-fry
All of these choices sound AMAZING (except for Chef Salad- I’m not into “healthy”)! I think I’m going to take her lead and do the same. I’m hoping it will be nice enough to grill out. How I miss the taste of a home-grilled brat!
So head on over to Tiffany’s Fabook Page and tell her thanks for bailing out DD from the Monday blue’s for sharing her menu this week.
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