A devil and some chicks that you’re gonna love!


I opened up this month’s Family Fun magazine (my favorite magazine ever, btw) and found the cutest foodie-kid-craft ever!

It was deviled eggs- made to look like little devils and baby chicks!

Here’s the result with lots of pics…

And yes, it’s okay. Totally safe for work.  I know. The title of “a devil and some chicks” might be misleading. But really, you’re cool.

So what you need to do, is make some hard-boiled eggs and then peel them once they are cooled- which is a great job for your preschooler (helps with dexterity)

Then, you need to make the hard boiled egg-filling sauce, which is another good one for your kiddo to take over. I measured, and M stirred:

So then I started to scoop out the hard-boiled egg yolk, and to do that I used an old baby spoon:

I thought the baby spoon idea was pretty awesome- if I say so myself.

Then my BFF Jessie and I cut 1/3 off the top of the eggs, chopped the raisins (for eyes), cut the red bell peppers, cut the carrots and parsley:

Since this is not a kid-friendly step, I gave M the camera to take some pictures of our kitchen and got this:

Then we started to fill the chick “egg-cups” and let M put them together:

And let her start on the “devils”, whick quickly took over the chicks:

And then it started to get out of hand, and M decided that the chick- needed to go:

And you know, I needed to get in on the action, ’cause those chicks were stirrin’ up some


Yeah, I got all cra-zay about it.

So then M knew the devils had to go, “cause devils are bad, ya know”:

And that’s how we spent our afternoon.

Thanks Family Fun Magazine.

You got our “imaginations” going.

And um, should I send you the bill since my kid is going to be scarred for life?

At least she’ll have something to talk about in therapy.

Am I right?

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